Downtown Los Angeles has a designated area for wholesale distribution of fruits and vegetables (and several other commodities like clothing, toys, etc.).  These markets, while inconvienent to shop at for individual consumers offer unbeatable value for the dollar.  If you are new to shopping wholesale check out our Wholesale Market Shopping Tips page.
LA WHolesale Produce Markets


Take I-10 and exit 16A for Alameda St.  The exit is the very first one after the merger with I-5S so if you merge from I-5S get over to the right as soon as you merge onto I-10.  Once you get off the exit ramp turn right onto Alameda St. heading north.   From here you can reach all the main wholesale markets downtown.

Main MarketsEdit

  1. Seventh Street Produce Market aka The Old Market aka The Hispanic Market (7th & Market Court)
  2. Los Angeles Wholesale Produce Market aka The New Market (8th & westside of Alameda)
  3. [Closed Permanently] Eighth Street Market (8th & eastside of Alameda)
  4. Olympic St. Markets (Olympic and Birch) [Better Life Organics moved, details in link]
  5. Alameda Trade Center (718 S. Alameda St.)